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Links of Interest

The Original Apple// Ethernet card...
___The Apple ][ Ethernet Card Story
__brought to you by - A terrific site !

Apple// Schematics and Technical References
Apple Bus Pinout
__brought to you by osSites - Interesting.

Other Apple// Hardware Projects
___Apple][ FlashROM Project
__brought to you by Leslie Ayling - A fellow hardware hacker. Cue the applause.

___ProDOS Compatible ROM-Drive
__brought to you by Terence J. Boldt - Great links, including a page on Dave W.'s ROM drive card!

___Apple II IDE Interface
__brought to you by Andrew Quinn - Great idea, awesome design. Perhaps even more important than our project.

___EthernetTwo "ET" Card
__brought to you by Babar de Saint Cyr - If this is a race, Babar has won.

___3com Etherlink II Adapter
__brought to you by Derek taubert - Also the home of GS/TCP.

Vendors and Manufacturers
___Cirrus Logic - Manufacturer of the CS8900A-CQ, our ethernet controller IC of choice.

___Pulse Engineerring, Inc. - Manufacturer of the ST7011T, could someone please tell me what this IC does?

Insight Electronics, LLC - The only CS8900A-CQ vendor that sells small quantities.

___Digi-Key Corporation - Sells many of the SMT components we need, in small quantities.

___Jameco - Stocks a great variety of electronics components, including the plugs and connectors we need.

___Avnet, Inc. - Only vendor selling the ST7011T in small quantities (that I know of).


Related Links

The Father of it All...
___ - I'm at a loss for words.

And the Empire that he Founded... - Mixed feelings here.

Embedded Ethernet Devices
___Commodore EtherCart Project
__brought to you by Denard Springle - Cool, now if I only had token ring for the Trash 80...

___Embedded Ethernet
__brought to you by Gary T. Desrosiers - The site that inspired this project.

___The Project
__brought to you by Pontus Oldberg - Interesting.

___MCS51 Embedded Ethernet
__brought to you by Edward Cardew - Several other interesting projects, worth a few looks.

Web Servers on a Chip
___WWW server in a chip
__brought to you by Dennis Petrov - Interesting site. I may have to build one of these.

___WWWpic2 - A web server in a PIC
__brought to you by Vince Sanders - Extensive information on building one of these, I HAVE to do this.