The Apple II
___Ethernet Project

___I know I haven't updated this site as often as I should, I ask your forgiveness. As such, I present the proof of progress that some wish to see. The card is somewhere around 40% assembled, and I should have it finished sometime tomorrow afternoon.

John Oyler
November 24th, 2000



Hardware Specifications

Applebus Specs
_Applebus Pinouts
_Physical Constraints

Ethernet Card Architecture
_Circuit Layout
_CS8900A Ethernet Controller
_65c816 Microcontroller
_Memory and Storage
_Support Chips and Glue Logic
_Back Panel Bracket

Software Specifications

Programmable Logic Code
_Xabel Source
Diagnostic Utilities
Ethernet Card Firmware
Ethernet Card Drivers
_Marinetti Drivers
_EtherTalk Drivers
Apple II Network Software
_TCP/IP Stacks
_AppleTalk Stacks
_Netbeui Stacks


Kit Ordering

Message Boards
___Apple// Web Forum
___Deja-news' comp.sys.apple2.programmer
___Usenet's comp.sys.apple2.programmer


Technical Contributors
David W.
David E.
Scott S.
John L.
Steve M.
Matt J.
Marsha J.

The entire 'cast' of comp.sys.apple2.programmer

Bob R.

Team Coordinator
John Oyler

___If you feel that you haven't been shown the credit due you, please don't take insult. In addition to those listed above, a great many people have offered suggestions, references, and design specs, even offers of help. As I organize things more effectively, everyone will be listed here.